The busy holiday season is upon us. That means leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice everything, and finally some cooler weather. For email marketers, it also means planning your email marketing strategy around the holidays for effective and engaging campaigns. According to Mailigen, 89% of marketers say email marketing is their best source of lead generation.

Make the most of the time you have now before the holiday storm sweeps in and leaves your email marketing in a frenzied muck. Here are some tips to help you prep for the busy season to come:

1. SWOT Analysis Applies to Email Marketing Too

A SWOT analysis – which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – enables organizations to gain awareness of all the internal and external factors that influence or affect the company. You’re probably familiar with carrying out a SWOT analysis on your clients’ IT infrastructures. But it can also apply to your email marketing and branding strategy as well. Here’s what to look for:

Strengths – Find out what’s working well for your email campaigns. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do my email campaigns have a professional design which attracts new customers?
  • Does my email marketing content stand out from my competitors?
  • Do my email campaigns use strong subject lines and powerful, curiosity-invoking call-to-actions?
  • Am I getting a steady number of email subscribers and updating my email lists regularly?

Weaknesses – Determine the weaknesses or areas of your email marketing strategy that may need improvement. When the holidays roll around, you don’t want to be second-guessing yourself on important matters like which subject lines are most compelling and which ones aren’t.

Opportunities – The holidays are a great time to revamp your email marketing strategy. This includes doing things to expand your email subscriber lists like promoting special events, personalizing your emails, sending out holiday-themed emails with engaging content, redesigning your email templates to fit the season, or tracking the results of your email marketing efforts.

Threats – Knowing your competition is key in this cutthroat world. Find out what makes you different. Maybe it’s your people, your culture, or perhaps your service delivery approach. Whatever it is, embrace what makes you unique and make sure that translates in your email campaigns.

2. Mobile is a Must

According to an “Email Analytics” report by Litmus, desktop represents 19% of all email opens – with webmail at 26% and mobile at 55%. By getting your emails to render on various mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, or wearables, you can stay ahead of the game and engage more customers.

3. Test Out New Ideas – From the Subtle to the Bizarre

According to Yes Lifecycle Marketing, 13.4% more brands sent holiday-themed emails in 2015 (nearly doubling for specific holidays) than the year before, but the open rates of those emails dipped 5%. To stay fresh and innovative, don’t be afraid to test out new ideas like:

  • Using emojis in your subject lines
  • Using themed email marketing content rather than generic content
  • Changing the “From” email address
  • Testing different email deployment times and days
  • Incorporating personal photos in emails rather than stock photos

If you’re interested in learning more email marketing tips or trying to rally for the holiday rush, give TRIdigital Marketing a call. We’d be happy to share our IT marketing knowledge to help you prepare ahead of time for all the festivities to come.

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