We’ve all been there. The awkward first date with someone you barely know.

You get dressed up, arrive at the location, and just hope that the person you’re meeting up with isn’t as horrible as the last person you dated. And maybe, if you’re lucky, they’re actually tolerable!

Either way, you’re prepared to turn on the charm and put your best foot forward.

You might be surprised to learn that the actions you need to take to write good copy are a lot like the actions you need to take to have a good first date. Here are a few copywriting tips to help you out:


Showcase your personality

Remember that professor you had in college whose class was so mind-numbingly boring that you could hardly stay awake? Not only was the subject matter boring – the professor himself was also about as exciting to listen to as Ben Stein.

Don’t be like that professor. I’m not saying you need to be bubbly and fake if you’re naturally calm and sarcastic. But at least put your personality out there. That way, you put the most interesting parts of yourself on the table for your date to see. It’s a good way to gauge whether or not the two of you are a good match for a relationship.

You should also showcase your personality when you’re writing copy. Show your potential clients that you’re a human being, and that your company is a good match for them. Too many companies write boring, technical copy. Do you think anyone really wants to read that? I don’t.

You can show personality by asking questions, using exclamation points, and just writing in a way that is conversational in general. That way, your copy is more effective – people are more likely to enjoy reading it.


Don’t Be Self-Centered

Maybe you like to talk a lot – which is fine. But, do you really think someone you just met wants to know every boring detail of your day? Do you think they’ll listen attentively as you tell an hour-long account of your life story.

Maybe they will, but probably not. And, if they do, well… I feel sorry for them.

You need to focus on your date too, and learn about them to appeal to them. How can you know whether or not you like them if they can’t get a word in?

Copywriting is similar. If you write a ton about how great your company is and all you’ve accomplished, your readers will be bored our of their minds. They want to know what’s in it for them. When you’re writing copy, try to use “you” as often as possible (referring to the reader) instead of using “we” (referring to your company) or “I.”

It’s easy and tempting to focus on yourself and your company when writing copy, but focus on the reader and you’ll be much more successful.


Be Visually Appealing

I doubt you’d go on a first date in pajamas with un-brushed hair. You’d probably want to look your best, or at least try to look decent. After all, the first impression your date will form of you will likely be based on your looks.

On that note, when you write your copy, many readers will scan it and form an impression of it based on how it looks. So, your copy should be visually appealing, too. Strategically, you need spacing in your copy. People have short attention spans, and will skip right over a huge wall of text without thinking twice.

So, next time you’re writing, look for the logical breaks and add spacing where you can. Also, shortening your sentences is a good practice for writing copy and keeping your copy visually appealing.


Can you think of any other copywriting tips that also apply to the dating world? Let us know in the comments below!


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