You may offer the best IT services and solutions in town, but what if you don’t have a creative and strategic IT marketing plan of action to share that? Businesses face many challenges ahead of them, and knowing how to market – and do it well – can be one of the biggest struggles.

No matter how great your services are, you still need to work on channeling your message to the public to communicate and define what exactly it is that you do. Whether it’s through an eye-catching website or mind-blowing content, keeping your prospects aware of your brand and solutions are key to your success.

But this is no easy feat. That’s why we came up with the top three reasons why so many small and medium-size businesses fail at IT marketing – so you don’t make the same mistakes!

You don’t have an IT marketing budget.

Although we don’t like to admit it, marketing is usually one of the first things that get cut from our budget when things get tough. But the truth of the matter is that your marketing budget should never be neglected. Reportedly, more than 75% of business leaders have admitted to defining their marketing budget based on guesswork instead of following industry recommendations. It’s so important to be strategic and to do your research when determining how much you’d like to spend on marketing. Along with business branding, marketing is a vital piece to helping customers find out about you – so don’t ignore it!

You assign IT marketing tasks to internal staff.

Maybe you’re trying to cut corners and minimize costs by delegating marketing to your internal resources. But this can be a big no-no for your business. What usually ends up happening in this scenario is that your IT marketing plan suffers as a whole. It’s a huge struggle for employees to undertake all the marketing tasks and responsibilities that are crucial to success. And doing these things on top of your day-to-day workload is an even bigger undertaking. By hiring a professional agency to handle and manage all of your IT marketing activities, you can pay less for better quality work.

You’re choosing the wrong IT marketing tactics.

There seems to be no limit to the options you have to market your business. There’s SEO, email marketing, content marketing, advertising, direct mail, events, trade shows, PR, social media – and the list keeps growing. Doing it all can be a real challenge, especially internally. And there’s no shame in reaching out to a third party marketing agency for expert guidance, consultation, and help.

When deciding the best way to tackle your IT marketing plan, don’t make these mistakes! In order for your SMB to thrive, marketing is a must.

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