When crafting effective calls to action that generates leads, which leads to prospects, which ultimately should lead to new sales and clients, there are multiple things to keep in mind.

It may seem pretty obvious to you, and it’s obvious to us, what a call to action is and what its purpose is but not everyone is clear on it.

So, what is a call to action?

A call to action is used to drive the reader to click-through and is typically denoted as an image that drives that desired action. A call to action can also use words, in addition to images, to urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take immediate action.

Any form of advertisement without an effective call to action, or a call to action at all, is considered incomplete and completely ineffective.

Here are 3 tips for creating effective calls to action.

Keep Your Calls to Action Highly Visible

It’s important to make sure your call to action is in the reader’s line of sight and something that gets their attention and focus. That doesn’t mean to be annoying with something similar to a pay wall or something that forces a person to enter contact information to get to your content either.

Writing and visuals that fall in line with the reader’s natural eye movement will capture their attention, even if it means pushing your call to action more in line with the actual content itself.

Keep Your Calls to Action Simple

Regardless of whether you are using an image or an offer in a speech or video, you want to make sure the instructions are simple and the path to the desired engagement is as easy as humanly possible. You can accomplish this by not having more than three custom fields of a form needing to be filled out, or something that requires no more than two clicks or so.

In keeping things simple for your reader, listener, etc., you will benefit from a higher click through rate.

Add A Sense Of Urgency

Does a reader or user have a limited amount of time to take advantage of a particular offer? Are there only a certain amount of tickets or seats or widgets available?

Without offering up a compelling reason why someone should click through on your materials and advertisements the simple fact of the matter is they won’t. Adding a sense of urgency to every call to action is a vital component to creating an effective call to action.

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