Consumer behavior is changing, and your company should be keeping up with that change. First impressions are everything – with your website being front and center. One of the things a consumer wants out of a website they visit is an entertaining video. It has to be able to catch their eye and hold their attention if you expect them to stick around for your services.

People do plenty of research on a company before deciding whether they want to do business with them or not. If you expect to do business with anyone outside of a 10-mile radius of your physical location, you’ll need to establish a connection with someone through your website. Putting videos on your homepage, as well as on other pages throughout your website is a great way for businesses to reach a broader client base.

Here are five benefits of putting a custom video on your homepage:


Custom Video Boosts Authority

Adding custom video on your website allows consumers to witness your expertise in the field. Just the mere presence of a video makes the business appear as an authoritative figure. Think about it: when we need financial advice or want to learn how to make a pie, we watch a video.


Video Expands Your Company’s Reach

Scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What is being shared? Social media is seeing a shift from photo sharing to video sharing. Your video can be one of those videos. When your company embraces social media, it expands its reach in the market. Custom video has the ability to reach more people and in less time. Plus, it’s free marketing! With people fast-forward through commercials, you’ll want to increase your face-to-face connection with potential clients without draining the bank on an ad that might get skipped on the television.


Video Shows, Not Tells

You can write as much content as you want on your site, however, no one is going to be intrigued to read it if you cannot capture your visitor’s attention. A video is like the breadcrumbs that lead to the sweet stuff. Custom video establishes authority and creates intrigue to learn more about your company and the services offered.


Google Likes Productive Sites

Did you know that if your site is listed in the 10th position on a search list, the chance of someone looking at it is only 2.2%? Ouch. Nearly 53% of users click on the first link that comes up, with the remaining 47% not exactly making it past the top three. So how do you boost your company’s page on Google search? You need traffic, activity, and staying power. The longer people stay on your site and the more new visitors it attracts, the better you stats are. The better your stats, the higher your rankings are on Google.


We Are a Screen Generation

Let’s face it, as a society we don’t have much time to read anymore. Instead of spending a few minutes reading content on your homepage, visitors would rather watch a video to get information. Why wouldn’t they? Screens and instant media surround us, so if your homepage isn’t engaging enough, it may not worth a visit.

If you’re not leveraging 21st Century technology and capabilities to connect with your target market, you aren’t doing everything you can to help your company be successful. Custom videos on your website’s homepage are the path forward for engaging consumers in the content they want.

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