You could spend hours every day writing and sending emails to your mailing list, but if people aren’t opening them – you’re not going to get any results. Here are some tips for getting better email open rates when marketing technology solutions:

It Starts with Your Email Subject Line

The first thing people see when they get an email from you is your subject line. You have about 50 characters to hook your reader and convince them to click to see what you’ve sent them.

Consider subject lines that fall into one of these categories to increase open rates:

  • Connect something from pop culture to your business, product, or service.
  • Make your subject line funny.
  • Pull from popular movies or music for unique subject lines.
  • Write something that generates curiosity, so people will click to find out whatever the subject line made them wonder about.
  • Be specific and tell your reader what you want them to do – sometimes you want them to read an article or watch a video; say so in your subject line.

Segment Your Mailing List to Send More Targeted Messages

Break your email list into multiple groups of people so you can create highly targeted messages to each audience. The more specific your subject line and email content is to your target market – the better your email marketing results. Here are some ideas for segmenting your list into categories:

  • Divide by demographics like gender, location, or age.
  • Divide by track purchases so you can send emails based on things people buy from you.
  • Use surveys to categorize customers based on their needs.
  • Divide your list into current customers and prospects.

Be Personal with Your “From” Name on Marketing Technology Emails

Don’t send emails from a vague email address, like or, or send from a no-reply email address. You’re trying to build a relationship with the people on your mailing list, since a relationship establishes trust, and trust results in more sales long term. Use your own name when sending emails, and make sure it is an email address that people can actually reply to.

Send Emails When Your Mailing List is Likely to See Them

Most people receive hundreds or thousands of emails per week. Part of the challenge in getting people to open your marketing technology emails is sending the email at a time when your prospect is likely to see it among the clutter! Use your email analytics to figure out what day of the week and what time of day gets the most open rates and plan your email campaigns for that time frame.

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