Summer is coming. (Yeah, we know: the expression is “Winter is Coming,” but that doesn’t really apply here, so we’re taking artistic license.) As it nears, we’ve noticed a few correlations between mistakes you might make in preparations for summer and mistakes you might make in your IT marketing efforts.

Selecting an Unappealing or Inappropriate Method of Expression.

Large man in speedoAs a professional company, your IT marketing has to be both fitting and attractive to your company. Before traipsing around in something that doesn’t exactly present you in the most positive light – ask friends or co-workers what they think before revealing your new look to the world. Regardless of how incredible you may think it makes you look, others may be put-off . . . or even repulsed . . . by the choice to which you’re forcibly subjecting them.

Not Staying Protected.

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Sunburned reality TV starlet

Your image is everything. If you’re not careful about what harm your indecision or lack of protection could cause, you might end up temporarily – or possibly permanently – damaging the way the world sees you. Make sure all your bases are covered when venturing into any risky territories, and protect yourself as needed. Don’t be a Kardashian.

Spending Too Much Money.

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Shocked broke woman

When you’re excited and having fun, it’s easy to discover your funds are quickly dwindling – or worse yet – have already been spent. Remember: there are many, many high-quality options to consider before shelling-out for the most expensive stuff you can find. Oftentimes, the most expensive option is definitely not the best or most effective. Once you’ve found a comfortable balance, you can still have a great deal of enjoyment with your efforts, and not spend unnecessary dollars.

TRIdigital Helps You Look Your Best for Summer and Every Season.

We’re pretty good at this. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, talk to us. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go, saving some cash, and are in swimsuit-shape for the summer.

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