You probably know her for her famous line: “Move it, football head!” But there’s much more to Helga G. Pataki than meets the eye. She may seem blunt, rash, manipulative, and a little coo-coo at times – and don’t get me wrong, she is all those things. However, Helga also displays moments of brilliance and passion that far exceeds the capacity of an average fourth grader. And she’s here to teach you a few lessons about MSP marketing. Don’t worry, she’ll keep her fists, “Ol’ Betsy” and “The Five Avengers”, out of it. Check out what Helga has to say about your MSP marketing strategy:

MSP Marketing Lesson 1: Hardships Make You Stronger


Helga has a pretty sad and depressing home life. Her parents favor her older sister, Olga, and often neglect her as a result. On top of that, her mom has an apparent “smoothie addiction,” while her dad only cares about growing his chain of beeper emporiums (yes, beepers were a thing in the ’90s). But none of this deters her from maintaining a tough, hard-as-nails attitude and outlook on life.

If your MSP marketing ever suffers, don’t let it eat you up inside. Instead, learn from your hardships and failures as opportunities to grow stronger and tougher. Maybe it’s time for you to make some changes, like re-doing your company website, or rebranding your business. Whatever it is, just know that you can overcome your challenges with the right mindset.

MSP Marketing Lesson 2: Expand Your Vernacular


Helga’s known for having an obsessive, borderline-stalkerish relationship with Arnold. She oftentimes professes her undying love for the “football head” in private – through eloquent poems and monologues.

In the tech world, it’s easy to overwhelm prospects with extremely techy and dry language. This is a huge mistake in your content marketing practices. Don’t be afraid to expand your vocabulary with more casual-speak. Now, that’s not to say you have to get all fancy and poetic like Helga. But keep your target audience in mind and develop copy with easy readability and relatability.

MSP Marketing Lesson 3: Keep Your Enemies Near


Lila is the bane of Helga’s existence. Helga refers to her as “Little Miss Perfect,” and she does everything in her power to keep Lila away from her love, Arnold.

In business, you should always know your competition. By being aware of with whom you’re competing, you can keep your business one step ahead. Find out what services and solutions your competitors provide, and strategize what you can do to stand out to attract more prospects.

These are just a few lessons in MSP marketing that Helga has to share. Until next time. . . “Criminy!

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