MSP Marketing and the Dodo Bird

There are plenty of stories that tell the tale of the Dodo bird, citing the reason for its demise to be the creatures intellect. In reality, scientists have shown the Dodo wasn’t quite as stupid as we once thought. These birds were on a remote island for so long they lost their need and ability to fly. They flourished on the island due to the lack of natural predators.

In 1505 pesky humans began to show up on the island. The Dodo’s made for an easy meal that consisted of about 50 pounds of lean meat. Not a bad haul for hungry sailors and explorers. Eventually, the last Dodo was killed and the Dodo bird became a subject of lore.

Maybe the Dodo would have made for a really cool pet. Maybe it could have learned to talk. Who knows? The parallels between the Dodo and bad, antiquated, MSP Marketing out there is striking.

Think about it.

There are still marketing agencies who are going about things completely backwards for their clients. They haven’t evolved along with SEO best practices and standards nor have they taken a proactive and inspired approach with higher quality content and strategy. The days of out of the box marketing are nigh, my friends.

Clear as mud?

One thing every business needs to keep in mind when working with any MSP Marketing provider is there are no quick fixes. You’re not going to double anything in a matter of a few weeks. That’s not how strategic and responsible long-term MSP Marketing works. Those quick fix solutions are generally disruptive in nature. Any trusted MSP Marketing partner strives to provide what people want, as opposed to being in the way.

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