To generate leads; your MSP marketing story needs to be crystal clear. Those who are familiar with TRIdigital knows that for us – story is king. However, coming up with the perfect story takes time. It takes planning, research, skill; it cannot be done on a whim. As a storyteller, I’m here to lay out the steps needed to create a compelling story to drive your marketing towards results.


Beginning Your MSP Marketing Story – The Brand

To tell a great story – you must start by thoroughly understanding your brand and the audience you’re trying to touch. Now, when I say “understanding your brand” I am specifically talking about knowing the voice, tone and human element of it. With what does your target audience associate with? What brings it to life for them? Simple research into the brand to learn it’s history, what it represents, and how it sounds is a significant step in starting your MSP marketing story. But remember – always keep your target audience in mind when it comes to the character and tone of marketing your brand.


Planning Your MSP Marketing Story – Know Your Ending First

Knowing your ending is important in planning out your MSP marketing story. Laying out a point A to start and a point Z to end with helps you to gain a clear understanding of how to fill out the middle. Without this step, you may miss the point of your marketing story and lead your audience in an entirely different direction than you intended. Keep that end goal in mind before you start developing your story so you don’t end up losing your target audience to confusion.

Developing Your MSP Marketing Story – The 5 W’s, 1H, & The Details

All stories, whether a marketing story, a work of fiction, or a motion picture, follow the five W’s of storytelling: who, what, when, where, and why.

  • WHO is the story about? Your brand? Is someone using a product? Are you trying to tell the company’s history? It’s important to know the subject and the players involved.
  • WHAT happens in your story? You should always have a clear idea of what happens.
  • WHEN does it take place? Knowing whether you are telling your story from the past, present, or future tense will significantly affect the way you tell it.
  • WHERE does your story take place? Knowing this allows your audience to put things into context within your story and reduces confusion.
  • WHY did it happen? What motivates your story and sets it in motion? Knowing the why is the most important part of telling your story – without it, nothing else matters.
  • HOW did the events in your story happen? While similar to the WHY, the HOW of storytelling may not always be needed. Not everyone has a cool HOW to include in their MSP marketing.


Another important thing to remember while constructing your story is the details of it. Facts and details hold an incredible amount of power when it comes to the credibility of your story. When you include facts and details about your brand, you add dimension to your story, providing an anchor for your audience to cling to. By sprinkling credible sources and the voice of expertise throughout your story, you can take your MSP marketing story from vague to confident.


Telling Your MSP Marketing Story – It’s All About Showing

To avoid being too wordy, it’s critical to remember to show your story, rather than only tell it. Show it in such a way that it creates interest in your brand and avoid information dumps at all costs. Build your story, working in the five W’s in a way that hits what’s important for your audience to know and disregarding everything else. As long as you remain focused on the exciting parts of your MSP marketing story, you should be fine.


 TRIdigital Marketing – Story is Always King

The creative writers here at TRIdigital love stories. We live and breathe a good story, and we’re suckers for a good one told. We want to know all of our client’s stories and long to understand those that have yet to be told. Do you have a story that’s waiting – or wanting – to be told? Give us a call and let us bring your story to life.

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