What Your Personal Style Says About Your IT Marketing Strategy

As hard as we try to fight making uninformed judgments, it’s human nature to assume certain characteristics about a person upon first glace. It happens in less than an instant, normally before you ever realize you’re doing it. What you wear and how you present yourself speaks volume to your personal brand, and believe it or not, it may lend credibility to your IT Marketing strategy.

How Does Personal Style Play into Your Businesses Perception?

Take this real world example into consideration. You put your marketing dollars into creating your website and marketing activities to portray your company culture to best generate leads. You write content to convey your unique personality and post personalized photographs of your employees, allowing you to connect to your prospects on a personal level. Your potential clients view this information and develop an idea of your company based on the image you have chosen to project. Why should your personal brand be any different? What image is reflected if you show up to a business engagement disheveled? Wrinkled or dirty clothes, unkempt hair, and an overall lack of a professionalism can strip your credibility in an instant, regardless of your IT knowledge or marketing efforts. I mean, seriously, who would you rather do business with, an individual who is polished and put together, or one who looks as though he just rolled out of bed?

Not only can your physical appearance damage your credibility, your presentation etiquette can as well. Not coming prepared, reading off slides, and begging for a sale comes off as needy and unorganized, turning potential clients away to look for a more confident company to do business with.

Your Image Portrays Your Brand

One of the biggest parts of your IT Marketing strategy is you – your personality, quirks, and uniqueness. Your marketing can only go so far. After that, it’s up to you to seal the deal with your prospects. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on what makes you – you. Being well groomed and put together can go a long way in proving your credibility, but don’t lose sight of your brands image. While being professional is important, not all business arrangements require wearing a suit and tie. Does your IT Marketing strategy represent your brand as laid back and casual? Utilize that in your appearance and presentation! Here are some tips to help you extend your marketing to your personal brand image:

  • Know Your Audience – When presenting, feel out your audience. Tell some jokes and connect with your audience on a personal level. By making them feel comfortable with you, your chances of acquiring new clients’ increases.
  • Come Prepared – Know your presentation. There is nothing more frustrating than watching a presenter stumbling through their presentation, relying on the content of their slides to carry their pitch. Your slides and visuals should only be used as prompts in your presentation, not the entire thing.
  • Remember Your Brand – If your brand is being marketed as fun and laid-back, it doesn’t make much sense to show up in a three-piece suit. The opposite is true if your brand is more professional, it’s probably not wise to wear ripped jeans and a t-shirt to a business engagement. It’s perfectly acceptable to show your unique personality through the clothes that you wear, as long as it is engagement appropriate.
  • Have Fun – This is the most important tip on this list. Many presenters lose sight of the fulfilling aspect of their job. By showing passion and excitement for what you do, you are also building excitement for future clients.


Remember: your IT Marketing is an extension of you. By using your personal brand to enhance your marketing rather than contradict it, you place yourself in the perfect position to acquire more clients.

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