To an outsider, the world of MSP video marketing may seem murky and scary. There are so many questions to consider – Do marketing videos really work? Where do I put my videos? How many other marketers use video to engage prospects? The list of questions goes on and on and on. Never fear though, mighty marketer. TRIdigital is here to shed some light on the wonders of MSP video marketing by giving you an insight into the industry.


MSP Video Marketing Stats…. Did You Know…

  • 87% of online marketers use videos in their marketing efforts
  • According to Forbes, over half (59%) of decision makers prefer video over reading text, the same percentage will watch a video that is less than a minute in length to completion
  • Looking to Convert? Landing pages with videos are 800% more likely to convert and 53% more likely to show up on the first page in Google
  • Getting onto the first page in Google is 50x easier if you have a video on your homepage – it can also help you increase your conversion rates by 20%
  • Using a video not only attracts more visitors to your site, it doubles their time on your site and increases organic traffic from search engines by 157%
  • Of those making a buying decision, 90% say videos are helpful and 85% of viewers will actually make a purchase
  • 70% of us marketing folks agree that video converts better than any other marketing medium
  • According to Wistia, videos under a minute see 80% retention up to the 30-second mark, dropping to 60% for videos between two and three minutes and pilfering off to 50% retention for five to ten minute videos
  • When you incorporate video into blog posts, you attract three times as many inbound links than the posts without video, according to Moz


TRIdigital Knows How to Do MSP Video Marketing Right

That’s a lot of crazy statistics! Luckily, we’ve got video marketing down to a science. Don’t believe us? Watch this video!

See? We told you! Anyway, we’re skilled at a lot of different MSP marketing stuff as well – building websites, writing interesting copy, setting up events – you name it! We’re also a blast to work with. Check out our site and give us a call to see how we can create great marketing and generate leads for your MSP. Who knows? You may have a few laughs and gain some new friends in the process!

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