Let’s face it, we all love Pitch Perfect. Acapella groups that sing, dance, and rap? Count me in. Plus, who doesn’t love Anna Kendrick?

As weird as this may sound, you can learn a lot of marketing tips from the Bellas.

Here are a few of my favorite marketing tips:


IT Marketing Tip #1: Be original


In the beginning, the Bellas were awful…but once they started creating original song mixes, they became an entirely new team. If you’re marketing the same way as everyone else is, what makes you stand out? Be original, be creative, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Just like with the Bellas, it may bring you to a whole new level of success.


Just remember, don’t be a snooze-fest.


In the IT marketing world, few companies are testing the boundaries and trying new things. They’re playing it safe, but YOU shouldn’t. The Bellas made the decision to step out of their comfort zones and it paid off.


There is no reward without risk, so mix things up with your IT marketing to become the company everyone wants to be a part of.


IT Marketing Tip #2: Creatively Collaborate


Aubrey insisted on continuing to sing boring songs over and over…and over. Even when Beca changed things up in the middle of a performance and actually got people to pay attention, Aubrey was still set on singing lame tunes. She refused to collaborate with her team to figure out new, innovative ways to spice up their routines.


But, once she finally started listening to the other Bellas, the team became a phenomenon.




Because collaboration is the key to becoming more creative and bringing life to IT marketing.


When it comes to your IT marketing strategy, you need to listen to every idea and really come up with strategies that aren’t your typical IT marketing strategies – dry and robotic. Be like the Barden Bellas and show em’ what you got! Success is a team effort.


IT Marketing Tip #3: Stay Positive


Giving up is for squares. The Barden Bellas really blew it in the competition, but when they were offered the chance to come back and compete, they got it together and got straight to work. They grew not only as a team but as friends, too. Staying positive will help your team become more successful and ultimately better people. The Bellas came out on top because they knew that this was only a minor speed bump in the road to victory.


The same goes for IT marketing. You will encounter obstacles, but it’s how you bounce back that really matters.



Can you think of any more marketing tips you could learn from the Bellas? Let us know in the comments below!

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