Using Technology to Generate Marketing Leads for Your Business

If you aren’t using the advances in technology to help you market your business, you’re ignoring a very important resource.  There is a variety of affordable, technology-based techniques that you can use to help your business reach a broader audience and that can be leveraged to better reach your target clientele.  These include automated marketing services, search engine optimization, blogs and electronic newsletter distribution.

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing covers a broad array of functions with a common theme:  it’s all about turning labor-intensive manual tasks into something that is done automatically, increasing efficiency in the process.  Implementing automated marketing strategies cuts costs, improves accuracy by eliminating the human error inherent in repetitive work and can materially improve your rate of success by developing marketing approaches that would be effectively impossible through any other means.

Marketing automation can be used to better identify business leads through a process of prospect scoring—easily and quickly detecting and classifying likely targets for your business.  It can also be used as a means of creating nuanced points of direct and indirect contact to help turn prospective customers into realized ones.  In short, automated marketing can be used as a fully developed marketing schematic, from plan development and management through execution.

Search Engine Optimization

In short, search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the technique of driving Internet search traffic to your site through an understanding of the algorithms that guide results for the major Web search engines (Google in particular).  While the search engine providers don’t release specifics about how their services work, consultants that specialize in search engine optimization have developed a variety of tactics that can help your websites and blogs to raise to the top of the search engine rankings.  Strategies involving specific types of content, links, and keywords, among other things, can all help ensure that you have a competitive edge in driving potential customers to your online vehicles.

Electronic Newsletters and Blogs

A form of direct e-mail marketing, electronic newsletters are sent, automatically, to an entire list of subscribers.  They will often contain news items of interest to your base of existing and prospective customers as well as information about your products and services.  Properly executed, a newsletter can inform clients of promotions and sales and will encourage a response through the inclusion of direct links to allow purchases and further contact with company representatives.  This can be a very effective way to stay engaged with your clientele on a regular basis without resorting to more traditional—and more costly—forms of indirect advertising.

A business blog is frequently used as a kind of electronic newsletter, minus the direct e-mail component.  A blog ordinarily includes targeted, “newsy” information of interest and, combined with SEO tactics, can be effectively utilized to drive traffic to your commercial website and to harvest leads for a direct mailing list.

The End Result

If you’re ignoring technology related strategies and techniques to market your business and better pursue customer leads, you’re not using all of the tools at your disposal to make your enterprise profitable.  Contact an IT consultant to see how you can optimize the use of technology for the benefit of your business.


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