Think for a second.

Do people find your website stimulating?

…Or does your copy put them to sleep?


Do your words leave your readers wanting more?

…Or do you turn them off as soon as they arrive?


 Alright. Let’s go ahead and assume your potential customers AREN’T excited about your web copy.

What are you going to do to fix it?

Well, reading this post is a good first step.

Here are a few copywriting tips to help you whip your words into shape, seduce your readers, and win more business.


 Ditch What You Learned In English Class (…Kind of.)

 Remember that English teacher you hated so much?

That teacher who would assign you a 20-page essay due in two days and not think twice about it?

The one who would pick out EVERY single minor thing wrong with your writing and put a big red “X” over it?

Yeah. THAT teacher.

This is your chance to disregard all of those DUMB RULES that got you in so much trouble.

(Okay… not ALL of them. You still need to check your spelling and some of the most basic rules… But you CAN ignore a LOT of them!)

When you’re writing copy, you don’t NEED all the stuffy grammar rules. You don’t need complete sentences.

You can use contractions as much as you want without fearing that your cranky English teacher is going to smack you on the wrist with a wooden ruler.

Know what else? You can use one-sentence paragraphs.

Like this.

Know why it’s okay?

Because that’s how you talk. In short spurts.

Which brings me to my next point…

Be Conversational

 Write how you talk. It’s really that simple.


…Imagine how weird it would be to hear this in a conversation:

“I strategically leverage my best-in-class communication solution to

contribute synergy to our enterprise-level organization.”

Whoa… No.

Let’s look at something that sounds a whole lot better and ACTUALLY makes sense!

“I use my phone to communicate at work.”


You see, the first example has several problems:

  • It reads like it aims to make the writer look smarter, when it SHOULD aim to make the reader understand quickly and easily.
  • It uses business jargon.
  • It’s just plain confusing.

The second example is much better:

  • It’s easy to understand.
  • It uses plain language – when writing, you don’t need to use fancy synonyms that confuse people.
  • It doesn’t include any business jargon.

The point is this:

Your web copy needs to be easy to digest.

Otherwise, people will leave the SECOND they land on your website.

And they’ll NEVER come back.

Focus On Your Reader

If your reader wants to learn all about YOU, they’ll visit your “About Us” page.

So don’t waste valuable space on your home page talking about all of your latest and greatest accomplishments. Sure – it may be good to include a little of that stuff. But not TOO much.

After all, your only website visitors want to know one thing:

“What’s in it for ME?”

Knowing that, it’s easy to understand why you shouldn’t ONLY talk about yourself.

So, make sure your web copy uses the word “YOU” whenever possible. Show your reader how you can solve their problems.

Show them why they should be attracted to you. After all, that’s what the art of seduction is all about!

Or, you know… you can just ignore these tips and forget about your website getting any action.

The choice is yours.


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