Think about how you use the internet. Do you read a page from top to bottom, left to right, the way you would a book? Probably not. Writing for the web requires a different strategy.

Most people are looking for specific information when they’re surfing the ‘net. They have no interest in reading long pages of content, no matter how great your writing is.

As a business owner looking to get leads from the internet, you need content that your prospective customers will find. What you don’t need is Pulitzer Prize winning writing. It’s just not the way to attract prospective customers online.

Here are some tips for writing for web readers that will help you get leads from the internet:

Make the Headline Something Special

Internet users have the attention span of a two year old child. You have about six seconds before they click on the next shiny thing. If your headline catches their eye, they’ll scan the rest of your page.

Use “Special Effects” in your Text

Things like headlines and bullet lists will jump off the screen at internet readers like a 3D movie effect. They see the headlines and notice the short bullet lists even if they don’t read anything else on the page.

Simple Content is More Effective than Witty Content

Keep your information short and to the point for the best results. Your web visitors aren’t going to take the time to decipher your jokes to find out if you have what they’re looking for.

Get to (and Stick to) the Point

Put keywords in your title and in the headlines. Put the most important stuff at the top of your page.


The internet is one way to get leads for your business. If you learn to write content for the way people use the web, you’ll increase the number of leads you get from your website.

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