If you think your business’ IT slogan doesn’t make a difference to the success of your company…think again. Your slogan says more about your business than you might think.

Ever heard “Just Do It,” “Got Milk?,” or “I’m Lovin’ It?”

Of course, you have – and you probably know exactly what business each slogan belongs to. This leads to my first reason on why your slogan matters.

Your IT Slogan Makes Your Business Memorable

Maybe people won’t remember the name of your company, or who the CEO is, or every little detail about what your product is, but they will remember your slogan. It’s important for your slogan to be something that sticks in people’s minds to remind them of your business whenever they hear the slogan or see your logo. In the IT world, it’s difficult to create something catchy and memorable about Cloud Computing, Backup Disaster Recovery, and every other Managed Services technical term, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to come up with a slogan that sounds like a robot wrote it. Be innovative, creative, and think beyond your comfort zone to come up with something that shows who you are as a company that’s memorable.

It Shows Who You Are

Your company’s logo along with its slogan is a chance for you to show your colorful side when it comes to business. It’s a snippet of your company’s personality that invites people to learn more about who you are. Keep it short, snappy, and intriguing so that people recognize it and associate it with your business. The more original your slogan is, the more successful it will be. The IT business world is full of the same terminology used over and over – if you want your business to be successful and stand out, you have to show that you have a creative side.

It Creates Unity

Besides branding and helping convey the message of who you are as a company, slogans create unity when it comes to advertising efforts in different verticals. Using the same slogan in many different advertising channels connects your company together in a way that makes it even more memorable. This will help you make the most of advertising costs. Advertising in the IT industry can be tricky since so many businesses offer the same services and products – keeping that unified flow by using your slogan throughout makes it easier for your business to be noticed.


Can you think of any other reasons why your business’ slogan matters? Let us know in the comments below!

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