Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the ISC West conference in Las Vegas as a marketing guest of Alobi. That’s right, this writer of your IT marketing agency was offered a four-day trip to Vegas. Needless to say, I packed my bags, boarded a plane, and headed off to Sin City.


ISC West Conference

For those of you who are blissfully unaware, the ISC West conference is the largest security trade show in the industry. Tech reps and vendors from over 1,000 companies gather together in a conference room – setting up booths and tables to exhibit their wares and sell their products and services. Over 28,000 professionals attend annually to network and learn about products and services that encompass every facet of the security industry.


The Reason Your IT Marketing Agency Attended

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What does an IT marketing agency have to do with security?” Well, let me explain. See, in any industry, marketing is important. It works hand in hand with your sales department. As the writer for Alobi, I have extensive knowledge on their projects and services and am able to explain them well. Over the months after onboarding Alobi as a client, I have also developed a relationship with the team. Now, this is not the first trade conference I’ve attended. Since I have a fashion merchandising background, I have attended shows and markets in the past. However, it was decided that this conference would be the perfect opportunity to see what a technical conference was like. It afforded me the opportunity to learn more about my clients, as well as their prospects.


How We Compared to Other IT Marketing Agency Members

One thing I noticed, aside from the fact that the attendees were very receptive and surprisingly very comfortable approaching strange women, was the competence of other marketers in attendance. I would have expected that being a member of an IT marketing agency would mean knowing the products and solutions you have been charged with marketing, but my assumptions proved wrong. Time and time again I watched as other marketers looked into a prospect’s eyes and boldly stated, “I can’t tell you anything about this product.” And time and time again I had to pick my jaw up off the floor from shock.


The Take Away

At the end of the week, as much fun as I had, I was ready to go home. I missed my humble apartment and I was ready to see Aphrodite. When boarding the plane back to Dallas, my mind wandered again on the events of that week. Working the booth, seeing the types of clients Alobi was marketing to, and observing other (less than impressive) marketers had flipped my perspective on what I thought I was walking into. All in all, TRIdigital definitely blows other marketers out of the water. It fills me with pride knowing that any one of our team members would be able to attend a show like the ISC conference and actually be able to talk about the products and services are clients offer.


When it comes to an IT marketing agency, although I may be a little biased, TRIdigital really is worth the investment.

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